Viking salt glass, coarse, 200g

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Our Viking Salt Glass is now also available in small size.

The Kalahari Salt is extracted in southern Africa from a natural, underground salt lake, dried in the sun and then packed. The area has always been uninhabited and has not been used for industrial purposes. Therefore the Gourmet Salt is free from negative environmental influences and still contains all natural minerals and trace elements – for your health!
The coarse-grained salt is the original condition of the salt. In the north
Germany we have it cold smoked in a smokehouse in the traditional Danish way over high-quality beech wood.

To give the Kalahari smoked salt an even more noble, typically African flavour, our smoking master adds chips from the Rooibos tea bush (certified organic Rooibos tea) to the beech wood.

Viking Salt ® is especially suitable for grilled or roasted meat, but also excellent for egg dishes, tomatoes, cucumbers and fish. It gives the dishes the mild smoky taste of open fire and is available both in the refillable mill and in a glass jar.

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