About us

Spices of the highest quality – for more than 20 years

From conviction for good taste – Greenplan Products

If spices make the difference, then the simple dish becomes a multi-layered experience. When spices make the difference, then the simple drink turns into a liquid elixir of pleasure. When spices make the difference, then it is high-quality Greenplan goods. For over 20 years we have been supplying a select range of products of the highest quality in accordance with our mission statement: When spices make the difference…

How we came into being

Our company was founded in 1996 as a wholesale for saffron, vanilla and Spanish specialities. Already at that time it was clear that the focus should be on a few, but selected products: In addition to the well-known Bourbon vanilla, we also offer the exclusive Tahiti vanilla, for instance. In order to meet the increasing demand from retailers and the food service industry for high quality products, we expanded our range in the early 2000s by adding appropriate package sizes. With the change of ownership in 2016, a further adjustment of the product orientation took place, naturally in accordance with our high quality requirements. Thanks to the online shop, private end customers now also have the opportunity to purchase high-quality spices directly from us. As a service partner, we also offer the filling of our goods in our own or third-party packaging.

What we stand for

Spices with fine, intensive and clear aromas as ingredients for success – that is what we want to offer our customers. However, our corporate philosophy is much more comprehensive, because quality means more than just delivering excellent products. For us, the best possible customer service is therefore inseparably linked to our quality criteria. We implement these with tailor-made products, fast and reliable deliveries and the best price-performance ratio.

Greenplan Products also attaches great importance to sustainability, which we see in a global context. From fair dealings with suppliers and service providers to the positive working climate in our company and the environmental balance sheet, we fulfil our corporate responsibility towards society. In order to minimize waste, we reduce our packaging, for example, to the essentials and recycle incoming packaging for shipping.

How we work

How do we ensure the high quality of our goods? It is very important that we import a large part of the products ourselves. In this way, we have influence on the quality of the spices and only choose suppliers with fair production conditions. Just as in sales, personal contacts are the best basis for successful business. Direct imports also enable us to keep the prices of our products low, so that we often even undercut suppliers of inferior goods.

We do not only want to support our supplier partners in the countries of origin, we also support social projects in Germany. To this end, we have all products bottled in workshops for people with disabilities. Fair payment and sufficient time are a matter of course for us – after all, we want everyone to benefit from our goods: growers, employees and customers.

What we offer

We have deliberately decided not to rely on an extremely wide range of standardised goods, but on selected spices in their pure form – that means: we do not use any additives or artificial flavours, and wherever possible we offer organic varieties instead. Our assortment includes:

Vanilla: From Bourbon vanilla to Tahitian vanilla, we offer whole pods, powders and extracts.

Saffron: You get powders and especially long threads – perfect for the gastronomy.

Salt: We offer salt flakes from England and various rock salts in mills.

Pepper: Our pepper varieties open new worlds of taste of a well-known spice.

Botanicals: With our Spice Sets you can refine long drinks and cocktails into trend drinks.

Fine food: We carry an exquisite selection of ready-to-use fine food specialities.