Refine your products with our high-quality ingredients

You have the highest demands on the goods from your production? Then take advantage of our offer for industrial needs and purchase our high-quality ingredients such as vanilla as practical bulk goods. You benefit twice over in this respect: we import most of the spices ourselves and can therefore offer attractive prices that often even exceed the level of comparable goods of inferior quality. By specialising in a limited segment of selected spices, we have enough time to test each ingredient and are quality leaders in our field. For example, in addition to Bourbon vanilla, we offer the exclusive “Vanilla de Tahiti”.

We have put together a special offer for our customers from the industry. The following products are part of our bulk product range:

  •     Vanilla as pods and powder
  •     Saffron as filaments and powder
  •     Salt flakes

We will be happy to arrange delivery according to your requirements and are open to contracts for quantity/price hedging. We would be pleased if you would trust our more than 20 years of experience and if we could include you in our customer base of ambitious companies such as wholesale bakeries, spice traders, cereal producers, food manufacturers, distilleries and all other processors.

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