Seductively floral in creme brulee, sweet and aromatic in milk ice or as a mild counterpoint in the vigorous game dish – the vanilla is one of the most varied and versatile spices of fine cuisine. Many of the best French and German dessert classics are unthinkable without the black pod with the “golden” mark. The Queen of Spices actually comes from Mexico. Those local tropics are home to an extraordinary orchid whose capsules are harvested shortly before flowering. In a process lasting several weeks, they are fermented under the warm sun in the humid climate to the familiar vanilla bars. Even if the Spaniard brought the flowery-powerful spice to Europe as early as the 16th century, the demanding plant still needs the unique cultivation conditions of tropical climes to develop the unmistakable aroma. For this reason, we only import the best goods from Tahiti, Madagascar and Papua New Guinea or refer to our well-known importers. Depending on the region, the pods develop very different worlds of tastes, which create many different creations in the kitchen. In the following product portraits, we would like to introduce you to which variety in dessert develops a bouquet of floral hints and which variety is perfect for sweet pastries.

A queen among queens – the vanilla de Tahiti

Highest quality, finest aroma, the star in the star cuisine – the Vanilla de Tahiti is a true collector of superlatives. In taste it is particularly flowery and noble, which is why it is mainly used in the top gastronomy. With us you get the vanilla bean of the variety Tahitiensis either as a whole rod, as a premium vanilla sugar or as vanilla extract. In any case, the goods are sourced directly from Tahiti, so you can crown your creations with real vanilla de Tahiti.

The epitome of vanilla flavor – the Bourbon vanilla

The vanilla of the variety “Bourbon”, botanically actually “Planifolia”, is imported by us partly directly from Madagascar, where this variety predominantly thrives. If you are looking for the typical vanilla flavor, you will find in these pods all the desires: intense aroma, strong taste, full-bodied notes. Accordingly, the spice is suitable for almost all dishes that win with vanilla flavors – and these are some. With our vanilla sugar, pastry gets more depth of taste, vanilla powder and extract are suitable for the perfect dosage. Of course, we also carry the whole pod of Bourbon vanilla in our assortment. Their flavors are not only hidden in the marrow, but also in the shell. At this you also recognize the high gourmet quality of our goods: It shows shiny, undamaged and in a deep brown to black. You can also get the pods and the powder of Bourbon vanilla in organic quality.

Vanilla from Papua New Guinea – Tahitiensis on the move

The Tahitiensis has its name from its home Tahiti. Meanwhile the Tahitiensis is at home in many tropical regions – for example in Papua New Guinea. The “little sister” of the real Tahitian vanilla thrives there, which should not be confused with it: the vanilla from Papua New Guinea shows similar properties, but in a weakened form. This makes it an ideal option for exclusive enjoyment in everyday kitchen. We offer the pods as a conventional product and the vanilla powder from Papua New Guinea in organic quality.

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Saffron is a wonderful spice. The sound of its name already promises us oriental delights. The term itself comes from Arabic-Persian and means “the yellow”. If we take a closer look, we can see how strongly the crocin, the carotenoid ingredient of the saffron threads, turns the food yellow.

Saffron has been grown in Iran for thousands of years. Most of the world’s production is processed here today. At the same time, we get the best quality in the world with Iranian saffron products. While saffron threads and saffron powder were often used for healing and as a colorant in the past, saffron is now used more in the kitchen. Our products are characterized by extremely long threads, a deep red color and a particularly strong aroma.

If you are wondering why saffron threads and saffron powder are significantly more expensive than “ordinary” spices, we can answer you: It is the elaborate way in which saffron is harvested. The plant blooms only once a year and only the pistils of the flowers are collected. This is not only done manually in Iran and is a very arduous business. Huge cultivation areas are necessary to collect only a few kilograms.

Noble, but easy to use We enjoy the saffron even more when we use it to refine our dishes. It should not be cooked for long, usually it is simply sprinkled over the food towards the end of the cooking time and only heated briefly. The intense color of the threads and the slightly tart and spicy taste give the dish a special note. Our product is of absolutely high quality. The required category of ISO Cat. 1 is clearly exceeded. Our saffron is the right choice for hobby and professional chefs, for industrial processing and for end users as well as for wholesalers and delicatessen markets. We therefore offer it in various pack sizes. Find out more in our shop and in personal contact!


Hot and spicy for fine steaks or mild and fruity for exotic dishes – pepper enriches the kitchen like no other spice. In order to do justice to the variety of noble berry fruits, we have included different varieties in our portfolio.

Tiger Malabar Pepper (BIO) – original worlds of taste

Sharp as a tiger’s tooth? No, the name has its origin in the growing region: Tiger Malabar pepper is harvested in the extreme southwest of India. There, in the state of Kerala on the Malabar Coast, nature is so pristine that wild tigers and elephants are not uncommon. The pepper, which grows in the highlands, is picked by hand and dried in the sun, is also unadulterated. Due to the small harvest quantities, the content of aromas is very high, which is why connoisseurs especially appreciate the Tiger Malabar Organic Pepper fresh from the mill.

Cubeb pepper – a trendsetter in the kitchen

Fruity and sweet or minty-spicy: Pepper can surprise with very unusual aromas – for example the cubeb pepper variety. Besides warm peppery notes, it brings eucalyptus and allspice to the gums. This traditional speciality, which is currently being rediscovered, is especially cultivated in Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

Tellicherry Pepper (BIO) – the exclusive newcomer

No, not every berry may become an exclusive organic tellicherry pepper. Only small quantities of the best harvests are processed into this speciality, which owes its name to the harbor city of Tellicherry. The intensely warming pepper is suitable – freshly grinded – for almost all dishes of modern cuisine.

Colourful pepper (BIO) – a delight for the eye and palate

The appearance and taste of the pepper depends on the variety and maturity – in this product we have combined the variety of varieties to a round, fully-flavoured blend.

Bottling in the mill

The aromas of pepper are hidden under the wrinkled skin of the dried berry. This way the partly volatile essential oils are preserved in a purely natural way. In order for it to develop its flavour unadulterated, pepper should always be ground fresh. For this purpose we fill the spice into high-quality and reusable mills. Both variants, the small mill with a stainless steel grinding mechanism and the large mill with adjustable ceramic grinding mechanism, are also available as private label for distributors of private labels.


An universal spice in many variations – it emphasizes the flavours of meat and vegetables, it refines soups and sauces and must not be missing in sweet pastries: salt. Given this variety of spices, it is no wonder that every culture has developed its own salt deposits. As a result, the fine food industry and award-winning cuisine today has access to the specialities of many countries with their individual characteristics. As a partner for exquisite spices, we offer various types of salt.

Maldon Sea Salt Flakes – English salt flakes with a worldwide reputation

When the sea water in the east of England rises over the fields during spring tide, Maldon announces harvest time. The sea water used for the production of the salt flakes has then gained its characteristic and incomparable taste. It is precisely this taste of the salt flakes that makes them so popular with ambitious chefs and gourmets.

Cornish Sea Salt Flakes – modern salt mixtures/flakes from England

It is strongly reminiscent of the cellar masters of Champagne when new salt creations are created at Cornish: A lot of passion goes into the exclusive mixtures of different salt flakes. They are obtained in picturesque Cornwall – in the west of England – directly from the crystal clear sea, whose water is particularly clean there and owes its special minerality to the coastal rock.

Rock salts from the mill

In addition to the products of Maldon and Cornish, which we import as one of the largest customers, we also carry our own varieties of various rock salts. These are filled by us into high-quality mills (small model with stainless steel grinder and large model with adjustable ceramic grinder) and refill boxes. We also offer our products as private label for the retail trade. Thereby the products will be labelled with your logo.

Kalahari salt from South Africa – the white gold from the desert

This exceptional salt comes from one of the few regions of the world that have not been industrially settled until now. As a result, there are no corresponding environmental burdens in southern Africa that could cloud the enjoyment of salt.

PaKistani crystal salt – the traditional spice

Not far from the Himalayas (about 200 kilometres away) this salt is mined in a Pakistani mountain range. The extraction is traditional, the bottling is done without the help of chemical additives, which is why the spice retains its unadulterated character.

Persian blue salt – a blue wonder?

Yes, this extraordinary salt is a pure natural product. Under the special tectonic conditions of the mining region in Iran, the rare blue crystals are formed from small natural admixtures of sylvin. The blue salt is therefore not only convincing with its unadulterated, intensive salt taste, but is also very decorative on the table.


Juniper berries and gin tonic, vodka and orange, rum and lime – some spices are just made to refine noble drinks. Once you have tasted the harmony of taste between spirit and spice, you will understand that botanicals for long drinks or cocktails are very trendy. The following applies: If you want to congenially frame a high-quality distillate, you need spices of the best quality. We have created our Spice Sets precisely for these high demands.

Triad for excellent gins – juniper, hibiscus, star anise

Whether gin tonic or pure on ice: this noble spirit is enjoyed in many variations. Most distilleries rely on the unique harmony of gin and resinous-fruity juniper already in the production process. With the Spice Set this harmony can be especially emphasized. The hibiscus blossom is just as stimulating for the palate and the spirit, which not only conjures a discreetly elegant aroma into the glass, but also a touch of red color. The third botanical is star anise, which surprises even connoisseurs as a flavor idea and sets new trends.

A new experience of vodka – ginger, mallow and orange blossom

Noble vodka is characterized by a special purity and clarity of taste. Thus it creates the ideal basis for exciting spice compositions. With spicy ginger, sweetish mallow blossoms and flowery orange blossoms, the vodka set offers the right ingredients for bartenders and connoisseurs who want to experience the specialty in a new way.

Discover the versatility of rum – cocoa beans, pink pepper berries, kaffir lime peel

A long drink or cocktail with rum is available at any time of the year – the botanicals emphasize the respective character in an optimal way. Cocoa makes the drink pleasantly mild and warms in winter, pepper and kaffir lime emphasize the fruity and spicy aromas that refresh on mild summer evenings.

Our Spice Sets – best prices, highest quality

Whether as a gift or for your own drinking pleasure – our Spice Sets contain the right ingredients for unforgettable nights, pleasurable moments and real friendship experiences. Highest quality and attractive prices ensure an ideal price-performance ratio. In addition to botanicals, the 10-piece set for gin also offers cocktail recipes, a bar strainer and a high-quality wooden box. The sets are available in delicatessen shops, in high-quality web shops and in our online shop.


Without doubt, enjoyment is one of the most beautiful sensations that people are capable of experiencing. Driven by ever-new culinary delights, special preparations were created in almost all cultures, which today are popular all over the world under the term fine food. As a distributor of exclusive spices – and therefore experts in good taste – we have added some special fine food specialities to our portfolio. Of course, our high quality standards also apply to them.

Honey – refined taste

Honey is a natural product in which the influences of the environment and the environment are absorbed. The origin is therefore not only crucial for the quality but also for the taste. As advocates of the highest standards, we have therefore decided, unlike many other traders, to use only honey from Europe (and not from China). We refine this high-quality food by adding “pure” products – that means, for example, we only use real bourbon vanilla instead of artificial flavours.

Vanilla in acacia honey – seductive mildness

A few handpicked ingredients make this composition a harmonious taste experience: half a Bourbon vanilla pod, Bourbon vanilla powder and acacia honey. The result is a mild honey with a perfectly integrated vanilla flavour. In the kitchen or at the table, the refined ingredient is again very versatile. Vanilla and honey are just as suitable for exquisite pastries as they are as a spread for an enjoyable start to the day.

Saffron in acacia honey – the extraordinary composition

Saffron is one of the noblest aromatics in the world. The intensely coloring spice is extracted from the blossoms of a rare crocus species and has influenced Persian, Indian and Mediterranean cuisine. A special feature of saffron is that its fragrant, tangy taste goes well with hearty dishes as well as with desserts. This is wonderfully evident in the honey, which has been refined with saffron. The spice can be clearly tasted, but at the same time it is not obtrusive and in harmony with the subtle honey notes. To achieve this, we use saffron powder for this purpose, which, in combination with the honey, brings out the flavors more intensively than the strings.

Pickled salt lemons – universal exoticism

Salt lemons, in French also called confit lemons (Citron confit), are a speciality from Morocco. There, the salt lemons, which are much less sour than the fresh product, are used for almost every dish – from simple salads to opulent tajines. To preserve the authentic taste of Morocco’s varied cuisine, we have our salted lemons produced and bottled locally and import them to Germany. Only aromatic lemons get into the glass, which are pierced and then pickled with salt and a little vinegar. In the kitchen, you use the fruits as a whole, so that they can develop their full flavor directly in the dish.

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