Food Service

Inspire your customers with top class spices

Probably no one shares our passion for high-quality ingredients more than the upscale gastronomy. Top chefs and star chefs know that a genuine Tahiti vanilla has much more depth of taste than the standard product. As a partner of the food service industry, we have been dedicated to the special pleasures of vanilla, saffron, salt and pepper for over 20 years and are the quality leader in these spice segments. In addition to our own brands (saffron, vanilla, pepper and rock salts), you will also find high-quality private labels (Cornish Sea Salt Flakes and Maldon Sea Salt Flakes)

Although we offer the best qualities, our prices are sometimes lower than those of inferior comparable products. How is this possible? We have deliberately decided to specialize in a limited range of products. This enables us to import most of the goods ourselves and to check every delivery for our high quality standards. The result is exclusive spices at attractive prices that are a delight to the eye and the palate – for example the saffron threads: they are particularly long and are not only impressive in terms of taste in dishes.

The optimization of our goods for the food service does not only include quality and favourable purchase prices – we also fulfil the wishes of the professional kitchen with our packaging: the sizes and formats are perfectly tailored to the needs of the catering trade. We are happy to supply you with our high-quality products quickly, flexibly and in the desired quantity. In this way, we would like to support you ideally and promote your growth as a reliable catering supplier – this is how a supplier relationship becomes a sustainable partnership. We would be delighted to welcome you to our group of food service customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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