Tiger Malabar Pepper (organic) – refill box – 90g

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Tiger Malabar Pepper (organic) is one of the highest quality pepper varieties in the world

Sharp as a tiger’s tooth? No, the name has its origin in the growing region: Tiger Malabar pepper is harvested in the extreme southwest of India. There, in the state of Kerala on the Malabar Coast, nature is so pristine that wild tigers and elephants are not uncommon. The pepper, which grows in the highlands, is picked by hand and dried in the sun, is also unadulterated. Due to the small harvest quantities, the content of aromas is very high, which is why connoisseurs especially appreciate the Tiger Malabar Organic Pepper fresh from the mill.

This extraordinary pepper speciality comes from a strictly protected nature reserve in the highlands of the Malabar Coast, located in the state of Kerala in the very south-west of India.


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