Moroccan salt lemons / Citron confit – 200 g

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Salt lemons are a speciality of North African cuisine; especially in Morocco

Salt lemons, in French also called confit lemons (Citron confit), are a speciality from Morocco. There, the salt lemons, which are much less sour than the fresh product, are used for almost every dish – from simple salad to opulent tajine. To preserve the authentic taste of Morocco’s varied cuisine, we have our salted lemons produced and bottled locally and import them to Germany. Only aromatic lemons get into the glass, which are pierced and then pickled with salt and a dash of vinegar. In the kitchen, you use the fruits as a whole, so that they can develop their full aroma directly in the dish.

The lemons are cut, salted and pickled in a glass.

The lemons conjure up the Orient in your kitchen.

You can prepare tajine, chicken, fish, lemon risotto and lemon butter.


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