Gin Botanicals Set of 3 – Juniper berries, hibiscus flowers, star anise

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Gin spice set with 3 selected spices to refine gin drinks

Juniper berries and gin and tonic, vodka and orange, rum and lime – some spices are just made to refine noble drinks. Once you have tasted the harmony of taste between spirit and spice, you will understand that botanicals for long drinks or cocktails are very trendy. The following applies: If you want to congenially frame a high-quality distillate, you need spices of the best quality. We have created our Spice Sets precisely for these high demands.

Triad for excellent gins – juniper, hibiscus, star anise

Whether gin and tonic or pure on ice: this noble spirit is enjoyed in many variations. Most distilleries rely on the unique harmony of gin and resinous-fruity juniper already in the production process. With the Spice Set this harmony can be especially emphasized. The hibiscus blossom is just as stimulating for the palate and the spirit, which not only conjures a discreetly elegant aroma into the glass, but also a touch of red colour. The third botanical is star anise, which surprises even connoisseurs as a flavour idea and sets new trends.

Our Spice Sets – best prices, highest quality

Whether as a gift or for your own drinking pleasure – our Spice Sets contain the right ingredients for unforgettable nights, pleasurable moments and real friendship experiences. Highest quality and attractive prices ensure an ideal price-performance ratio.


Scope of delivery: Set of 3 Gin & Tonic

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