Saffron in acacia honey – 250 g


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Saffron in acacia honey; the saffron comes from Iran and has a great aroma

Saffron is one of the noblest aromatics in the world. This intensely coloring spice is extracted from the blossoms of a rare crocus species and has influenced Persian, Indian and Mediterranean cuisine. A special feature of saffron is that its fragrant, tangy taste goes well with hearty dishes as well as with desserts. This is wonderfully evident in the honey, which has been refined with saffron. The spice can be clearly tasted, but at the same time it is not obtrusive and in harmony with the subtle honey notes. To achieve this, we use saffron powder for this purpose, which, in combination with the honey, brings out the aromas more intensively than the threads.

The honey is extracted from the flowers of the Robinia and crystallises very slowly due to its high fructose content. It was at beehive temperature and was cold-spun. With real saffron powder it gives it its unique aroma and is ideal for desserts, pastries, fruit salads, teas, etc.


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