Bourbon vanilla in acacia honey – 250 g

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Vanilla in acacia honey; Finest Bourbon vanilla in acacia honey

A few hand-selected ingredients make this composition a harmonious taste experience: half a Bourbon vanilla pod, Bourbon vanilla powder and acacia honey. The result is a mild honey with a perfectly integrated vanilla flavour. In the kitchen or at the table, the refined ingredient is again very versatile. Vanilla and honey are just as suitable for exquisite biscuits as they are as a spread for an enjoyable start to the day.

The honey is extracted from the flowers of the Robinia and crystallises very slowly due to its high fructose content. It was at beehive temperature and was cold-spun. Provided with an original vanilla pod, it gives it its special unique aroma and is ideally suited for desserts, pastries, fruit salads, teas, etc.

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